dBc Technologies Corporation

Unit 50B Philexel Business Park , M.A. Roxas Hi-way ,Clarkfreeport Zone Clarkfield ,Pampanga, Philippines ,2023

WELCOME to dBc Technologies Corp.

dBc Technologies Corporation manufactures high quality RF and microwave radio’s and subsystems for companies involved in telecommunication, satellite wireless communication, commercial and industrial microwave.

Our goal is to become a world-class manufacturer of choice for high quality products and services used by telecommunications, satellite communications, and data network conglomerates.

We are confident that within the next four to five years, we will be in a position to provide the best manufacturing solutions to our customer’s needs and requirements.

A Word from the President

In 1996 I started my own company 2pi Microwave Inc in Fremont California. It was a manufacturing engineering support service company, we provide manufacturing processes and build proto type product to microwave companies that find outsourcing the initial build to 2pi to be more effective, efficient and less cost. It turned out it became more cost effective to our clients to subcontract the manufacturing of the product to 2pi. Now, 2pi Microwave is a manufacturing sub-contractor as the industry knows today.

It was my business-wise path to take during a time when one's level of competitiveness is based on one's international ties and outsourcing abilities. Eight years ago 2pi extended its  high quantity Manufacturing capability for  to dBc Technologies Corp. in Clarkfield Economic Zone, Angeles Pampanga Philippines which I incorporated in 2005 giving 25% of the ownership to its employees.

dBc Technologies Corp., operations and procedures have aligned to ISO 900 standards. Workmanship standards already adhere to MIL-STD 883 for Hybrid for hybrid products and IPC 610 for PCBA products. Management has also focused on the technical and quality Tools Training of all Engineering and Manufacturing Staff.

dBc Manufacturing and Test Capabilities

Die Attached

Die Attach, soldering, mechanical assembly

Wire Bonding

Offers Gold (Au) ball wire bonding, Gold Wedge bonding, Gold Ribbon bonding utilizing advanced automated wire bonding equipment.

Wire bond diameters from 17um to 33um can be handled with a capability for fine pitch wire

bonding down to 50um.

RF Testing

RF testing DC to 26 Ghz, Higher Freq are available

if needed. 

RF MIxer Measurement, Conversion Loss,

Isolation, IP3, VSWR
RF amplifier measurement, Gain, 1dB Compression, IP3. Noise figure, K Factor.


Product Technical Experience

Our product and technical experience includes Phase Locked and Free Running signal sources-DRO-VCO, YIG and Freq. Multipliers, Synthesizers, Amplifiers-Low Gain-Medium, Gain-High Power and Low- Noise amplifiers, Up/Down Converters, and RF Plug-In (Microwave Radio ).

dBc TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION’s high caliber expertise is rooted from the skill and experience of its personnel.

dBc TECHNOLOGIES specific capabilities:
1- Turnkey and built-to-print manufacturing

(microwave thin film

and soft board base technology)
2- Packaging of high frequency devices

(GaAs MMIC);
3- RF integration circuits (RFIC)
4- Development and management of product technology

transfer projects

dBc TECHNOLOGIES product and


experience includes:

All types of ceramics packages, TO-8/TO-39,

SMTO-8, Flat packs,

Open carrier modules, etc.
- Wide band, narrow band, internally matched

- Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
- Power Amplifiers up to 60 Watts
- C-Band & KU-Band Amplifiers Modules

dBc owned Product Applications

- Frequency Multipliers
- Phased Locked DROS
- Gunn Oscillator
- Synthesizers
- Lumped Filters
- Diplexers
- Mixed, Attenuators and Switches

-Yig Oscillators

-Yig Filters (Band Reject Filters,Bandpass Filters and

Ferratrac Filters

VSAT Transmitters: C-Band,

Point-to-Point Outdoor Units

dBc Owned Product Line Overview

Built-in 12dBi Dual-Polarity Antenna Outdoor Long Range Radio

DS-2 and DS5 is a cost effective 802.11n outdoor AP/CPE operating in a 2.4 & 5 GHz band . It has a build-in 12dBi dual-polarity antenna with dual Ethernet ports. The DS-2 support passive PoE allowing easy installation without any environment limitation.

•Highly Recommended on Corporate Offices with Backhaul or at least 1 ISP source.

•Government Offices to connect to their local Offices and rural area’s.

•CCTV transmission of signal.
•School ( Building to building) without use of Cables and with just 1 ISP source

Engineering Technical Experience for Telecommunications , Broadcasting & Data Conglomerates

dBc Telecom & Broadcast Services Offered:

-Planning and Engineering Services

-Conduct Line of Sight Survey

-Installation ,Commissioning and Integration Services (ICI)

-Conduct BTS antenna and cabling installation

-MW radio point to point installation and commissioning

-Cisco network device deployment and configuration

-BTS grounding installation

-Data Center Fiber Cable installation

-Site Decommissioning and Dismantling

-TX antenna mounting bracket (AMB) fabrication and installation .

dBc is Accredited Supplier and Service provider for Installation,Commisioning ,Test and Repair of

Telecommunication and Broadcasting Company in the Philippines such as:

-Philippine Long Distance Company

-Smart Communications

-- Sun Cellular

--Globe Telecom


-San Miguel


-RW 95.1

dBc Repair Capabilities 

Out Door Unit (ODU) Repair:

15~18 GHz RF Plug-IN,

Transceivers, ALTIUM

7~13 GHz Transceivers,


. 7~13 GHz Transceivers,


Repair of Motorolla Broadband Flatform/

Equipment :

Cluster Management Module(CMM)
Global Positioning Sytem(GPS) Antenna
Access Point
Subscriber Module

V-SAT Tranceiver Repair:

C-Band high power VSAT transceivers offer a wide range of distinctive advantages and enhanced features for satellite communications systems based in remote or challenging geographic regions. Available in single or dual synthesizer options, extended VSAT C-Band frequency bands and 70 or 140MHz IF configurations - and a range of power outputs